Board of Directors 2021-2023

2020-2021 AAUW Tucson Branch Board of Directors Meetings

Board Meetings are always open to all members.

Board Meetings are currently held via ZOOM. Meetings are from 4:30 PM to 6:00 PM on the FIRST THURSDAY of the month. 

                                        Executive Committee

President                      Diana Charbonneau         2021-2023    (elected in odd years)

Past President              Linda Alepin                       2021-2023

President elect             (elected in even years)

Finance VP                     Jane Russ                          2021-2023     (elected in odd years)

Program                         Mary Venezia                   2021-2023

Membership VP             Joan Jorgenson                2021-2023     (elected in even years)

Secretary                         Val Martinez                     2021-2023     (elected in odd years) 


                                   Standing Committee Chairs

AAUW Funds                     OPEN                              2021-2023                

Community Action           Linda Alepin                  2021-2023

Finance                              Ana Nygren                   2021-2023

Public Policy/                   Shirley Muney                2021-20213                                                                     Great Decisions

Public Relations/               OPEN                            2021-2023                                                                          Marketing

STEM                                  OPEN                             2021-2023

                                       Ad Hoc Committee Chairs                                            (Non-Voting Members of the Board)


Bylaws/ Policies/              OPEN                      2021-2023                                                               Strategic Plan

Nominating   (elected in 2022)                       2022-2023                                                          

Running & Winning      Nancy Woodling       2021-2023   

Web Master                    Baleka Baker            2021-2023


Other Resources

Lindsey Fellow

Lindsey Fellow

Lindsey Fellow

Membership Assistant


2021-2022 AAUW Tucson Branch Executive Committee Meetings

Executive Committee meetings are held as needed.

Officers and Committee Chairs click here to download a copy of the Funding Request Form to request funding for your project or committee.

Funds requests are submitted in May for the next fiscal year budget consideration and are required in order to create the annual budget that is approved by the board and voted on by the membership. Requests submitted during the year may not be funded due to availability of funds.