Tucson Teacher’s Trading Post

We have exceeded our authorized funding for this project! Please do not post any more wish lists at this time.  We will examine starting another round in the new year.

We have built the Tucson Teacher Trading Post (TTTP) so that educators and the general community can exchange resources and information, share experiences to help others, create suggestions and solutions to problems we face, and to lift each other up.  By fostering these relations, we believe that we can increase the quality of education and help students succeed. We created Tucson Teacher Trading Post to bring passionate people together to create positive educational outcomes. 

Please become a community member – we need EVERYONE to be a part of the community by  going to https://mightynetworks.com/find and searching for “Tucson teacher trading post”. 

The Tucson Teacher Trading Post will provide ways to: 

  • Get exclusive content and conversations provided by community members
  • Meet people (educators and others) who share interests, who do the same things, or who care about the same topics
  • Swap stories, experiences, and ideas around our shared mission of creating well-educated citizens
  • Find a little inspiration, thought-provoking conversations, and expert perspectives

The community site is organized around common educator topics such as:

  • Learning to Write Grants
  • Teacher Wish Lists
  • Tutoring Resources
  • Mobile Friendly Teaching Strategies
  • What’s on Your Mind?
  • Share Your Grant Writing story

It is simple and easy to join.  You can customize your profile, determine how frequently you receive communications, etc. 

Go to https://mightynetworks.com/find and searching for “Tucson teacher trading post” and  become a part of this important community.

We are using the free Mighty Network platform for our community.  Mighty Networks was developed by one of the founders of Facebook, Gina Bianchi, who wanted to foster communities like the TTTP.  We hope you enjoy the experience of being a community member.