Community Action Projects

The AAUW Tucson Branch members coordinate and participate in a variety of community action activities.  We affiliate, sponsor or co-sponsor, and plan with other Tucson groups to disseminate information, provide workshops and support community projects.

AAUW Tucson Branch supports projects and events that allow girls to discover their own untapped STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) potential, build leadership skills, and decide for themselves who can be an engineer or a scientist, a technology expert or a math genius. We partner with other organizations such as the Girl Scouts of Southern Arizona, Women in Science and Engineering, the Society of Women Engineers, the University of Arizona and SARSEF (Southern Arizona Research in Science and Engineering Foundation).

An AAUW-Tucson Branch opportunity for involvement:

ACES (Applied, Career, Explorations in STEM) Applied Career Explorations Camp for Middle School girls from the Sunnyside and Amphi School Districts in Tucson. Free experience for up to 40 girls who have finished 6th, 7th or 8th grades.

Check out the 2016 grant recipient!  Information can be found on Facebook@AceCampforGirls